Workshops Offerings


I am a facilitator, curriculum designer, business and career coach and adult educator specialized in individual and community resilience and sustainability.

As a facilitator, I work to create a container in which participants can be deeply and democratically involved in achieving their personal and group goals. I embrace non-oppressive approaches based on The Art of Hosting and The Art of Mentoring teachings.

Some of my offering include:

  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposium for groups, institutions and communities
  • The Work that Reconnects workshop for groups, institutions and communities
  • Food Sovereignty series for groups, institutions and communities
  • Community resilience design and implementation, for groups, institutions and communities
  • Conference presentations on resilience, career planning, the gig economy and other topics (contact me for details or to develop a particular topic of interest, inspirational talks, etc.)
  • Regenerative business and career facilitation and coaching for groups, institutions and communities

Depending on the nature of the offering, you can have them:

  • Free, you only cover my basic expenses that may include accommodation, meals, transportation and materials or equipment (if you can provide all that, then there is no fee!). This is only open to grassroots groups and non-profit organizations.
  • Sliding scale fees: we can negotiate what works best for both sides, payment plans, alternative currency and skills or services-trades are welcomed. I fully embrace the eight forms of capital.

For more information contact me directly.

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