Three Stories

Joanna Macy talks about the three stories of our time: three belief systems with their structures, institutions and own dynamics that are happening in parallel and in which peoples and institutions are dependent and invested and/or being affected in different levels.

What determines where you are most invested, dependent or affected are not so much your choices (although they do count and can be changed consciously to a certain point) as your culture, your place in society (class, gender, ability, financial status, etc.), your family and community and the believes they support.

If you belong to a historically oppressed minority, live in the Global South, are poor, indigenous or of colour, you are most likely experiencing the Great Unraveling the most. You may dream to be in Business As Usual because that is what the powers that be have been promoting to you for decades. Or, if you are lucky, you may be already at the other side of the rainbow and engage with others in bringing forth the Great Turning.

Most middle class and the powerful and rich as well as people in the Western and Northern Hemispheres (with some exceptions from Australia and parts of the Global South and the East) are deeply rooted in Business As Usual and wanting to continue there: it brings many benefits and privileges such as comfort, access to tools and resources, endless entertainment, endless consumerism and the feeling that if you follow the rules (and sometimes if you are corrupt), you’ll get the prize.

For many in the Business As Usual, however, there is a bit of a sense of loss and failure, of having been betrayed: you may have everything you ever needed and more and still feel empty, isolated, disconnected and longing for something that seems never be satisfied. There are other dark things in BAU: addictions, cheating, obesity, endless work, cheating, corruption and artificial stuff everywhere you turn.

Those of you who were born or became rebels, witches, radicals, dreamers, those who felt for years that “something was wrong”, that injustice and disconnection couldn’t be the norm, that human nature ought to be something else, those who fell in love with Life, with Gaia, with others, and whose love has not dead, those engaged in alternatives, looking for social and environmental justice, looking to include everyone, to consume less, to create and love more, to heal and celebrate the Great Mystery: those are already living in the Great Turning.

But don’t be mistaken and don’t feel you are either doomed or out of the hook: you all has some investment in each of the others, and you all have the power, both individually and collectively, to choose where you want to invest your life energy, money and time and from which of these stories and systems you want your life and choices to depend…

Read ahead and follow this blog, send me your comments and questions, the choices we make will make a difference: not because we hope and guarantee that the Great Turning will “win”, but because we want to make conscious choices and do what is right.

Independently from the outcome…

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