The Spiral

The Work that Reconnects is based on a spiral: not a circle, not a linear shape, but an ever turning and infinite spiral: we go from Gratitude to Honouring our Pain for the World to Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes to Going Forth and back to Gratitude and so on…

Each turn of the spiral we go deeper and deeper: deeper in feeling and connecting with our emotions and those of others, deeper in our gratitude and pain, deeper in our love for Life and the world, deeper in our commitment to choose Life and engage in the three dimensions of the Great Turning.

If you haven’t experienced it, I suggest you check to see if there is a WTR workshop or event in your area, here you will be able to see upcoming events or by subscribing to the network newsletter. You can also contact one of the many listed facilitators and ask them whether they can offer something in your are. Facilitators of the WTR may have other means of livelihood, the workshops and retreats are offered at cost and are always open to work-trade and scholarships.

If you can’t find a facilitator in your area, I suggest you start a book club or a practice circle by studying the books , practices and videos listed in this website.

The Deep Times Journal also contains articles, poems, songs, videos and resources submitted by many practitioners and supporters of the Work that Reconnects around the world.

I am a listed facilitator and also work part-time remotely as the Work that Reconnects coordinator and support member for the editorial team of the Deep Times Journal.

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