The Great Unraveling

The Great Unraveling is not a dystopian  novel that might take place in the far away future: the GU is already happening in many places and for more people we want to imagine or accept. It is also happening for many species whose numbers are in serious decline and who may go extinct in a matter of decades or years because their gene pool has bee drastically reduced. It is happening for the many ecosystems being disrupted, polluted, mined and destroyed and for the many communities in the world whose well-being, economies and livelihoods have been damaged, changed or destroyed. It is happening to the millions of peoples who have been displaced from their homes and the many already gone by genocides, wars and famines.

Nobody likes the Great Unraveling, but unfortunately and in spite of all the efforts to keep us entertained and busy (by business as usual), it is very present and gaining strength with each war, each injustice, each time another resource is mined, each time another ecosystem is destroyed by development and human expansion…it goes stronger and stronger each time we choose plastic, each time we fly, each time we turn on the engines of our cars, each time we produce waste, each time we fight with our neighbours, each time we yell at our loved ones, each time a corporation earns the right to continue raping and pillaging the planet, each time an ignorant and abusive person gets into power…and so on and on and on…

As with Business As Usual, we are all invested in the Great Unraveling. No-one is out of the hook: we all participate willingly or unwillingly and support it with our choices but also because it is systemic: it goes beyond any choice we can make as individuals, and it carries the shame and blame we tend to shovel onto others (and sometimes ourselves), it actually feeds from these two things, because the more disconnected we feel, the more the Great Unraveling grows stronger.

So, are we doomed?

It depends…for many out there doom day has already arrived, but people and ecosystems are resilient and collapses have happened before, right?

Yes, they have (happened before), but never in the scale we are experiencing this time and never with such a convergence of so many crises all at once.

The best we can do is to look deeper into the ways we may be both invested and dependent on the Great Unraveling: what areas of our lives and livelihoods may be feeding it? In what ways may we create changes in our habits and the ways we engage with the world so we not only disengage and stop feeding this GU but also support those affected and start engaging in the opposite: re-generating, healing, turning the wheel so the Great Unraveling uses the same energy to move instead towards the Great Turning?



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