Photo by Helena Hertz on Unsplash

Testimonials from clients:

Thank you so much for your time , energy & insightful knowledge. You’ve opened a few new doors for me and showed me a different way to look at goals, skills, gifts, values & a balanced life.” ~ Austin Ohm, Artist and Educator

Deeply grateful and finding huge value in my recent life-coaching sessions with Silvia Di Blasio. She’s using permaculture design, among other tools, to help me figure out what I really want out of life, and how I’m gonna get there. Support her! follow her! hire her! Maybe she’s got something you’ve been looking for…. ~ Heather Jo Flores, Writer and Artist, Author of “Food Not Lawns” and coach at “Decolonize Yourself”

Silvia is wonderful to work with and a permie (distance is no problem). If you’re seeking any kind of support for your life, check her out!” ~ Anandi Premlall, Permaculturist, Writer, Resilience Activist

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