Holding Actions

Holding actions is one of the three dimensions of the Great Turning.

None of these three dimensions is above or more important than the others, all of them are dependent on each other for success, as each one of these dimensions has a very specific goal and value.

Holding actions includes any expression that allows us to stop or slow down the harm being done in the world and this may take many forms. Here I share a few examples, but I invite you to see which form matches your skills and circumstances.

There are no rights or wrongs and no magic bullets: each community has its own challenges and needs, and each person may contribute at the level that suits them by their age, energy level, time available, etc.

Some holding actions may include:

  • Marches and protests such as Extinction Rebellion initiatives
  • Physically protecting areas or peoples: such as Standing Rock water protectors and the many who risk arrest to protect forests, rivers, and other humans
  • Writing letters and signing online and paper petitions
  • Supporting, showing solidarity and spreading the word about those holding actions directly on the ground
  • Taking those engaged in destruction, injustices, etc. to court

You may be already holding actions, small or big, take some time to list them and decide which others you may join.

If you are already doing a lot in this dimension, I invite you to explore the other two: shifting consciousness and building/co-creating the new structures and systems. I also invite you to help others who may be new to this to engage.

The holding action groups tend to be aggressive and sometimes radical. This is necessary sometimes when the stakes are too high and there is a real and short-term risk of loss. These attitudes, however, may keep people away and may sound judgmental to others: remember that part of what created the crises and issues was disconnection. This disconnection brought about dysfunctional patterns of how we see, judge and treat each other: as long as we participate in the perpetuation of these unhealthy and dysfunctional ways, things will continue to break down and go wrong.


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