What I offer:

I have been studying, exploring and practicing many skills, these include:

  • Online cafes to discuss deep adaptation relevant topics (this has no cost but I accept donations to pay for hosting and maintenance of forums, blog and Zoom calls)
  • Blended course on designing for uncertain times and the Great Turning (online forum and resources, Zoom calls and an optional in-person design weekend)
  • Blended course on designing your livelihood in support of the Great Turning (online forum and resources, Zoom calls and an optional in-person design full week)
  • Work that Reconnects workshops, intros and practices for groups and communities
  • In person grief and support circles for men, women and LGTBQ communities
  • Food sovereignty workshops (blended with forum, resources, Zoom calls and in-person super fun workshops to learn anything from growing food in small spaces to preservation and making things from scratch, fermentation, pickling and more
  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Mentoring and consulting in permaculture
  • Mentoring and consulting on Right Livelihood


I try my best to keep costs low by not using fancy programs or engaging in unethical marketing.

Some ideas for how to engage may include:

  • Consider making  donation to cover the costs when applicable (the resources and services I need to cover such as website hosting and maintenance, Zoom for the calls, plugins and extras to make this site add free, etc. cost me money).
  • Talk to me about exchanging a skill, tool or resource so we both benefit from what we have to offer
  • When my offerings have a cost attached to cover for my time,energy and skills as well as hosting, maintenance, etc. I may still offer a couple of scholarships. If you can contribute a bit more than what I charge, you are also helping others less privileged to access what they need
  • If my offerings involve travelling, accommodation and meals, I ask for you or your community to look at ethical ways to offer to cover those needs, so I can travel light.

My fees:

I don’t believe on “charge what you value”. I do believe we all need to become serious, responsible and ethical, charge what we really need and also be open to those who truly can’t afford but deeply need what we have to offer. The value of our time, skills and energy and the love we put on what we do can’t have a dollar value attached to it.

My fees reflect what I need and what I think is fair and affordable, talk to me and we would find a way if this is for us to work together.

Other fees may include: travelling time, bus, train and ferry tickets (I don’t drive and try to not to flight), covering for shelter and meals, special materials, photocopying or tools, etc.

I welcome work-exchange and gift economy approaches.


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