Once you have learned how to ask relevant and appropriate questions, you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.” ~ Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner (Teaching as a Subversive Activity)

I work and volunteer in areas aligned with my skills and values (this is called “The Right Livelihood”.  My areas are: non-profits and/or organizations committed to sustainability, local food production, education, community building and social justice):

  • Curriculum Development
  • Development, Implementation and Delivery of Online Courses/workshops (specialized in Moodle and Mahara as other Web 2.0 tools and strategies)
  • Social Media Strategy Development, Implementation and Maintenance – Blogging /eNews, Newsletters, etc.
  • Project and Events Coordination
  • Research and Freelance Writing/ Article Writing
  • In-class Workshops Development, Implementation and Delivery
  • Career Development Planning and Coaching (CDP Certified)
  • ICT implementation (use of Information and Communication Technologies in your organization/strategic plan)
  • PLAR and Portfolio Building (including ePortfolios)

Other Skills:

  • eLearning Specialist with 10+ year experience
  • Gifted Facilitator/Instructor with 15+ year experience with both children and adult population
  • Essential Skills Practitioner Trainer (certified), research, training and development of ES tools
  • Computer applications: MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • WordPress, MS-Word, MS-Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • Green Jobs, trends and needs
  • Certified Emergency Preparedness trainer
  • Permaculture designer (certified)
  • Food Security and community resilience
  • Transition Training
  • FoodSafe Certified
  • First Aid Certified and First Aid Trainer (close to certification)
  • Bi-lingual: Spanish-English

Professional and related experience:

  • Website developer, administrator and blogger for two community organizations (Surrey/White Rock Food Action Coalition and Village Surrey in Transition)
  • Blogger for non-profit organizations (O.U.R. Ecovillage)
  • Community Garden Coordinator  (Food for Thought Community Garden at Sources Food Bank)
  • Curriculum Developer and Trainer (Canadian Red Cross)
  • Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Trainer for vulnerable communities (Canadian Red Cross)
  • Freelance Writer and Columnist (Canadian Immigrant Magazine)
  • Career Development/ Employment Counsellor and Facilitator – specialized on skilled immigrants (Immigrant Services Society of BC)
  • Research  and Project Assistant and Diversity Champion (S.U.C.C.E.S.S.)
  • Resource and Referral/Red Book specialist (Options Community Services)
  • ICT Coordinator (Joseph Lancaster School – Venezuela)
  • Open Source for schools project initiator and coordinator (Joseph Lancaster school – Venezuela)
  • ICT K-12 teacher (I.D.E.A., Los Robles and Joseph Lancaster schools – Venezuela)
  • Library and research centre coordinator (I.D.E.A. school – Venezuela)
  • Curriculum Developer (College level – Tourism/Hospitality at C.U.A.M. – Venezuela)

About me:

Born in Argentina and citizen of three countries now, I have been learning all my life: learning from books and people, Nature and society, formal and informal learning…

Passionate about sustainable and simple living,  I am currently working as a career/employment counsellor for newcomers to Canada; my experience, interests and education are varied and wide and include social justice, sustainability and resilience, food security and Climate Change, Permaculture, adult learning, eLearning and un-learning, sociology, anthropology, emergency preparedness and First Aid and deep ecology, among others.

Apart from my 9-5 job, I am an active blogger for an alternative/independent publication, a local ecovillage, a local transition group where I am also a member and our local food action coalition, I also freelance as writer and columnist for the Canadian Immigrant magazine, grow all my herbs and some of my vegetables and try to learn and practice Permaculture in my everyday life.

My experience also includes coordinating projects to use ICT in the classroom, use of Open Source and free software for learning; research for different HR and ES projects, Career Coaching, and Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Instruction and Curriculum Development.

In 1999 I started a website and a project that inspired many schools in Latin America and other places around the world. The website-project was named “Open Source, Open Minds” and was intended to encourage the use of Open Source software in schools, but also teach ICT with the Open Software philosophy in mind (instead of teaching a product, teach something that can be transferred and used lately in life in other contexts)

I am an active member of many committees, including Lower Mainland Food Action Coalition, VCC Media and Technology Advisor Committee (where I am the chair) and Village Surrey Transition Town, among other community involvement. I also volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross and for the Emergency Social Services team at City of Surrey.

In the educational world, I support self-directed learning and transformative learning.


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