The Spiral journey of the Work that Reconnects starts with Gratitude.

Based in part on many indigenous traditions of giving thanks for what it is or has been, gratitude allows us to ground ourselves and start from what we already are and have. It also goes against the current story of separation and scarcity: that story says there’s not enough for all and that we are not enough ourselves. It pushes us to want more, buy more and continuously complain about what we “lack”.

The story of separation also teaches us to blame and shame others, to use power-over and to always assume the worst from others. We learn that others are “toxic”, “abusive”, “oppressive” and so on, so we build giant walls to isolate and protect ourselves and go “away” from conflict, discomfort, chaos and pain. Other times, we manipulate through sexuality, charm, money or by being “smart” to get what we were denied (or we perceived as denied).

Gratitude allows us to challenge all those stories, to see the beauty and abundance, the good intentions, the compassion, the sharing, the emergent possibilities. It also allows us to develop compassion and look behind the curtains of “toxicity” and all the other wrong-doings and misunderstandings.

There are many things I’m grateful for, and I will list them in my blogs.

Here are the top ones:

  • I’m grateful for being alive, even in these dark and difficult times, and maybe particularly grateful to be alive in these Deep Times…
  • I’m grateful for being a child of this amazingly beautiful, abundant and changing planet and universe
  • I’m grateful for all the ancestors than even in their mistakes, made choices that allowed me to be here
  • I’m grateful to be aware and awake to these Deep Times and to keep my curiosity, compassion, love for Life and resilience alive and evolving
  • I’m grateful for all the beings, humans and non humans, who are involved in the Great Turning in small or big ways
  • I’m grateful for the resilience and creativity of nature and her beings and the resilience of those who have and still are surviving genocides, colonization, wars, famines, tyrannies and much more…
  • I’m deeply grateful for the Path I discovered, crafted and started following and for standing up again after each fall
  • I’m deeply grateful for all those who helped me to be, see, choose and do and continue to support me, even through the dark moments

I invite you to design a stop, a retreat, even a short one in your life and listen to the ways you are grateful…

What are you grateful for?


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