Going Forth

Going forth is the more hands-on way to engage and choose to put your time, energy, resources and intentions on the Great Turning.

Going forth is choosing one of the three stories and consciously making changes and creating choices for us to commit further and further to it.

Going forth does not require you believe the Great Turning will be successful and we will all live happy ever after. The only thing it requires from you is to love the world deeply and accept that you are responsible for the space you occupy, the relationships you build (or abandon, neglect or destroy) and that each one of your actions has consequences, some of which you will never know in your lifetime.

Going forth includes three dimensions and we in the Work that Reconnects emphasize that there is no “single” issue that is “more important than” and we all should be doing: while there are many we may agree will be necessary to adopt to reduce or eliminate harm and increase resilience and regeneration, the actions we take and the dimensions with which we engage will be connected to our personalities, age, abilities, interests, possibilities, capacities, connections and needs as well as the specific needs and opportunities of our communities.

Going forth may look very different for a 70+ year old lady, a 19 year old man, a person with disabilities, someone living in Kenya, Venezuela, Syria and someone living in US, Canada, Australia or Europe…

Here are some ways we can go forth:

  • Choose actions from each one of the three dimensions
  • Start making small changes in your habits: what you buy, from where and for what use; what acts do you engage in; where is your life energy, money and time invested and how do these connect with the Great Turning, the Great Unraveling and Business as Usual?
  • Declutter your house, office, community, schedule, life: for each thing you have, each action you engage, ask yourself: “How is this thing, action or relationship connected to the Great Turning?” “How is it supporting or hindering my and my loved ones, my community resilience and Deep Adaptation?” “How does this supports gratitude and seeing with new/ancient eyes or how does this makes the honouring of my pain for the world worse or impossible to feel and honour?”
  • Avoid engaging on judgement, blame and shame with yourself or others: look at ways to support what is good and is emerging, compost what is no longer working or helping, and honour that each person is doing the best they can with what they know, are and have
  • Avoid or minimize supporting systems, institutions, organizations and dynamics that perpetuate disconnection, oppression, colonization and harm
  • The best resources going forth are those you build in yourself and with community and that can be carried to other places, to other peoples and times: focus on learning new skills and processes and support others in doing the same

What are other ways you are already going forth in your life, in your work, your community and household?

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