Emergency Preparedness, Community Resilience

My interest in EP, DM, communities’ resilience and Food Security comes both from past experiences and current studies.

When I was a child, I experienced a coup d’état and my family lost everything: friends, neighbours, jobs, the house and all the things inside. We also had to flee a country as people who didn’t agree with the government at that time were persecuted, tortured and killed.

In my teenage years, I experienced a few crisis first hand. As a scout, I also participated in community outreach where we would build firewalls on top of hills and mountains to stop wildfires from passing through the other side where communities lived. We visited vulnerable communities and taught about food security, fire and accidents prevention and many other things, we camped out and built our own refuges in the forest, we learned survival skills.

Later in life, I joined the Red Cross where I am still a DM volunteer and trainer/presenter for a program that teaches newcomers and vulnerable communities about First Aid and Emergency Preparedness. I participated as an Emergency Social Services volunteer for the city of Surrey and received training from the JIBC.

My philosophy is that being prepared is key to survival and to be able to help others in the event something happens in our communities and help is not immediately available. I have written a few articles and done presentations, you can find more about these topics here:

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