Creating New Structures

None of the three dimensions of the Great Turning is more important or special than the others. Each has its own special importance and place. The creation of new structures that will both shape and support the Great Turning is key as the old structures, systems and institutions are falling apart.

The people who tend to work more in this dimension are action-driven and doers: with exceptions, most don’t like to engage in too much philosophy and may see the holding actions as “being against” and negative. They are right in some ways, but their attitude may make others to shy away from joining. Their energy and positivism may make others to feel unheard and their emotions and thoughts as not important.

I invite the doers to slow down and consider the possibility that those more engaged in holding action are saving resources, lives and the spaces for these new structures to be build, and that those engaged in shifting of consciousness are building the invisible structures needed by the Great Turning to take place: new ways to relate to each other and new ways to be in this world.

There are many ways to engage in building new structures, here are some:

  • Learn how to grow, harvest and process herbs and use them for healing
  • Learn how to grow food in ways that are regenerative for ecosystems and humans alike: permaculture
  • Join or start community groups to build community and household resilience for the times ahead
  • Learn and apply design for disaster and emergency preparation and response
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