Right Livelihood/Job Search

“Career” is much more than your job or current occupation. Career is the sum of all your life experiences, dreams and goals and all the things you dream to do in the future.

In the past, I have been a librarian, researcher, assistant for different positions, movie-forum coordinator, travel agent, teacher, ICT project coordinator, website designer, programmer, open source advocate, youth leader and coach, computer teacher for children and youth, curriculum developer and eLearning specialist.

When moving to Canada, I specialized in settlement and career development and currently blog and write about these topics for two publications.

I am also a trainer and curriculum developer for a well-known humanitarian organization, blogger and passionate gardener.

I am currently specializing myself in two areas:

  • Career planning and coaching for the “Right livelihood”: I want to help others to develop their “right” livelihood, having a “career” that allows them to earn a living while respecting the limits of the planet and the rights of other human beings and “beings” in the broader sense. I want to walk away from “Job Search coaching” and move towards “Job creation” in a new, just and “Permaculture-like” economy
  • The Sharing or “New” Economy. I am also exploring the “Green” economy to see what may still be useful and applicable as a “transition” from the unsustainable and unequal economy we have today to a truly sustainable, local and just economy…

Here you can find some of my articles and blogs related to these topics. Most of my early articles and post are more “normal” but still work. If you want to read more about green, sharing and new economies and how you can switch from where you are to a right-er livelihood, then follow me…I’m working on it!

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