I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
~ Robert Frost

I was born in Bahia Blanca, a small coastal city in Argentina, South America. I moved to Venezuela (another Latin American country) when I was 13 and had lived there for many years. It was there where I met my husband and had my two boys (now 11 and 17).

Before coming to Canada, I worked in many jobs (from library and independent film forum assistant to travel agent manager), but the job I enjoyed most was as a teacher, ICT coordinator for schools and vocational counsellor. As a teacher, I adopted the constructivist approach to learning, and journeyed with my students into many varied projects, always using ICT to enhance their research or the way they would present the results. ICTs gave many students the opportunity of expressing themselves in new ways. Many were considered “trouble-makers”, some were just too shy or indifferent to any type of formal learning, so the ICTs gave them a window to explore alternative ways to learn and share. In those years, we used Linux and Windows OS and I created a website called “Open software, open minds” that was used as a model by many other schools in Latin-America and the world ( ). This project and website is now down since I moved to Canada in 2004.

In Canada, I became an employment counsellor and facilitator, and have been in the instruction field for more than four years now. I currently design, create and deliver workshops (both in-classroom and online) for immigrants in subjects related to settlement, career planning, LMI research and job search, among others. In my spare time, I train new volunteers for a Canadian Red Cross  program where I also volunteer myself and work in the community delivering Emergency Preparedness workshops. I also work as volunteer helping communities to become more resilient and sustainable by starting or using community gardens and identifying areas where they can save energy and impact on the environment while improving the quality of their lives. Recently, I started working as free-lancer journalist for the Canadian Immigrant Magazine.

Apart from studying towards my PIDP diploma at VCC, I am taking sustainability and sociology courses at Thomson Rivers University and completing a certificate in Disaster Management at JIBC. In 2013, I’ll graduate from the VCC Online Instructor Certificate.

My goal is to continue working with communities and be able to deliver online and in-person courses and workshops on sustainability, resiliency and other related subjects.

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