Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

IMG_0323My life journey has been anything but boring: I started working really early and while the means have changed, the questions have persisted: I am fascinated by life, systems and transformation.

I am moved and inspired by the seemingly endless capacity of people, communities, relationships and ecosystems to change, to surprise us when we think all is said and done…after huge traumas and disasters, people survive, recover, resist, reshape themselves and give back by re-building and re-defining the terms.

I have formally studied sociology, HR, business management, systems analysis and IT, education, psychology and ecology; in the past five years, I have focused in permaculture, eco-psychology, group dynamics, facilitation and community economic development.

I  offer life coaching for those looking to clarify intentions and goals in their lives, careers and relationships. I am a Certified Career Development Practitioner & Life Coach  and believe that what we do for a living (what we call “career”) is deeply attached to “life”, which includes values, ethics, intentions, relationships, causes and communities: our careers shouldn’t be disconnected to who we are or are called to be, and it is my intention to work with people to discover how we can make this true in a deeply wounded world where things seem to go more and more chaotic everyday.

My experience and training include Life Design; Career Planning & Job Development; Small Business Start-Up; Workshop & Curriculum Design & Implementation; Community Economic Development; Permaculture, Design for Sustainability  and Ecopsychology and Disaster Management & Community Resilience.

I believe all starts with how we design our livelihood (how we “earn a living”, how we invest our energy, time and resources and how we source, use and dispose of resources and energy). If people are free from certain stories and truly love and embrace Life, any livelihood would always be “regenerative”.

I also believe our choices start with the food we eat, not only because we literally are what we eat, but because food is in the root of most relationships we have with the world. On weekends and some days off, I teach Food Sovereignty workshops at different places such as UBC-Farm, Homestead Junction and the Sources Food Bank, among others.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
~ Chinese Proverb
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  •  If you are interested in how to transform your everyday life and that of your family so you all become more resilient, self-sufficient and respectful of Nature without going broke or want to learn more about permaculture, visit my alternate website/social business “Mainstream Permaculture“.
  • If you want to learn more about how to be prepared for emergencies, respond to emergencies and engage your community and friends, please read here.

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