Nature Doesn’t Do Deals – why we rise on climate

Great post by Jem Bendell (as always) and a must read for all those who are liderizing the response to the climate emergency (I would add, the response to the huge predicament resulting from the many crises and factors and the old stories we keep perpetuating, of capitalism, patriarchy, separation and disconnection from Nature and each other…

Professor Jem Bendell

It is easy to pick holes in it. We can question tactics, timing, scope or messaging. But climate activism works. Over the past year, non-violent activism has increased awareness of climate change, so that many politicians now refer to it as the emergency that it is. Yet within a toxic economic system that requires us to borrow and grow forever, and a toxic media system that misleads us about what to blame and whom to hate, it isn’t surprising that rising awareness has not delivered change in our environmental impact. Nor has it triggered inquiry into why we got into this mess and how we might prepare as the climate gets worse for human habitation.

It is why we go again. This month, the non-violent civil disobedience campaign to demand government action on the climate and ecological emergency is calling on #EverybodyNow to take to the streets.

Some commentators in…

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