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So you may have already read the controversial and unorthodox paper called “Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy”, by  professor Jem Bendell, or you may have started from the Deep Adaptation Agenda posted at  or this introduction here: or maybe you watched the video we posted at the Work That Reconnects Network website here:, or maybe you read the Declare Emergency Now document…or you are following Greta Thunberg or Extinction Rebellion

Or you may have been aware for years (or decades) that we are headed to a perfect storm of converging crises, coming from all corners: social, economic, ecological and even spiritual. We are facing what some have consider inevitable, others highly likely, societal collapse, caused not by one but all the above crisis together.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed: we are talking about the very likely possibility of the end of the world as we know it and while we see much happening in the Great Turning side (great initiatives but either too small or isolated or too narrow focused to have any important impact), we also see too many things in what looks like the acceleration of the Great Unraveling, all while most struggle to stay sane and safe keeping the unsustainable Business as Usual and painting it green… (if you are not familiar with these terms, I suggest you check in my page as I explain them in detail, or better off, read “Active Hope” or “Coming Back to Life” and attend a Work that Reconnects workshop in your area).

Here is this week’s proposal:

I would like to invite your curiosity to consider an intentional and conscious design approach with a twist: you don’t have to figure it all at the first try (or the second, or the 100th) and you may want to allow yourself to dance with uncertainty and emergence: make them your friends!

The first approach to reading something like Deep Adaptation may include panic, pain, sadness, anger, despair, hopelessness or just random anxiety.

For many, this translates to paralysis and ruminating forever around the same issues. For others, it translates into frantic “doing” and not very intentional or conscious decision-making.

Whatever is your response, make peace with it and invite yourself to stay somewhere in between those two approaches.

If you are new to this group, my first suggestion is:

*** Take time to observe and take inventory of who you are, where and how you are ***

This inventory may take a few hours, days or weeks. The more time and focus you dedicate to it, the better: if possible, create a clean and quiet space or better, go to a natural spot and take a journal with you: what is the current status of your:

  • Life in general (inner and outer)
  • Relationships and community
  • What tools, resources and practices keep you grounded and help you in difficult times?
  • Who or what do you have around to help you if you need help?
  • What triggers you? What are your less developed and potential problematic aspects of your personality/life?
  • Livelihood (how you earn your living)
  • Basics of life: where and how you stand re: water, food, shelter, communication, health, wellness and safety and finally, transportation (anything else I may be forgetting?)
  • Ability and skills: are you fully able? Do you depend on equipment or external help? What are your skills (list all of them!)
  • Access and mobility: are you able to move from where you are? How quick? Do you have access to places (other than where you currently are) to the basics of life (see above)?
  • Are you able and can you access learning and training?
  • Are you able to transfer what you know to others? (Do you have the call to do so and in what capacity? Examples: blogging, writing articles for the media, creating courses or workshops, presenting at gatherings and conferences, mentoring, crating tools, other?)


Next step:

Where is your denial sitting?

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