Building Resilience – Where do we start?


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Since I started facilitating resilience-building workshops and mentoring/consulting people on these topics, certain questions become frequent.

They are very interesting and important questions that I have made myself many times (and some variations and new questions continue popping up), so I am sharing them here.

  • What are the best skills to learn to navigate and serve both the Great Turning and the Great Unraveling?
  • What would you advise to a young person: university, college, working to buy land and going off the grid, anything else?
  • What would you advise a person facing their retirement?
  • Is it better paying off debt and mortgage quickly or paying the minimum and investing in other things?
  • In what would you advise people to invest any surplus?
  • Which careers/jobs/businesses are the best to both address (mitigation) and navigate (adaptation) the unraveling crises and the uncertainty we face?
  • Is it better to own or rent a home?
  • What tools and resources are most needed?
  • What do you do when hopelessness, despair, frustration, anger or deep pain for the world take over your live and risk to become unbearable?
  • What would you say to children and very young people?

There are many more questions, but the above may summarize the ones I have harbored myself or had read in forums and groups or asked to me during consultations and workshops.

What are your questions and how have you responded to them? Do you have a place, group or person where you feel safe and welcomed to share these or similar questions?

Sadly, most people don’t: the nature of “waking up” to the realities of the Great Unraveling seems to be a rare and isolated experience. Many find that they can’t openly share with their spouses and partners, children or parents, co-workers and colleagues without quickly been sunned, forced to change the subject, patronized, or being called doomers or pessimists. Best cases, people try to “fix” them by offering unrealistic solutions or their own version of denial, conspiracy theory or anthropocentric approach. In the worse cases, people end up feeling deeply isolated and unable to reconnect with the people, places and things they once enjoyed: it is as if a veil has been pulled away from their eyes and they can’t see and feel reality as they used to.

For others, the reality of the Great Unraveling seems to be clear from the start: these are the Greta Thunberg’s of our world: those who see straight from very young age and have both the willingness and the privilege to choose to live in a very different way and engage in the right things. They seem to have more luck finding others with similar awareness and may have fewer or none of the questions above.

My journey has ingredients from both: I knew all this when I was 14-16 (maybe climate change was not the main issue back then as it was the very real possibility of a nuclear war/disaster and the acknowledgement that this way to organize ourselves was not working for most of us and certainly not for nature and her many beings and ecosystems). Life took over with her demands and I lost my focus and capacity to see clear, until eight years ago, when all clicked back again, loud and clear: by then, I had made many choices that were counterproductive to being resilient and creating a world that resembled more to the Great Turning: unknotting all those ties or learning how to live with them has become my main focus since.

What is your case? Where you aware at a young age? Were you able to choose well back then? Did you too lose your focus? Or did you wake up later in life as if from a bad dream and find yourself now trapped and confused?

In the coming weeks, I will explore these and other questions through my blog.

I am also inviting my community to bi-weekly or monthly Zoom calls to explore together how we can address this in our lives, households and communities.

If you want to be part of these calls, please send me a message through my contact form here.

The first call will happen Monday, June 17 at 10:00 AM (PST) (Zoom link will be sent to those who connect with me and confirm)


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