I’m Back!

I took a long break: I haven’t posted since November 2018, when my biological father passed away at age 87.

Much has happened since…I left my full time job as a career and life counselor and took part-time positions at Gaia Education and at the Work that Reconnects Network (some of these had started prior but were in the background. Now these are my main source of inspiration, contribution to the Great Turning and income).

I come back with plans and dreams for the Great Turning: I have already booked a date (Monday June 17, 10 AM PST) to offer a Zoom call to those who are concerned about the future , believe we are heading to collapse and the end of the world as we know it and want to talk not only about their grief, anger, disbelief, frustration and so many other deep emotions, but also about what they can do to build resilience and plan for what professor Jem Bendell has called “Deep Adaptation”.

The meetings will have the option of an in-person weekend to design your life around the concept of Deep Adaptation.

Since I left, two important things have happened: the IPCC issued a new report with a warning: that we have a small window of 12 years to change our ways or we face unstoppable climate disruption and potential collapse of ecosystems. This year, another study informed about the very real potential extinction of many species we know, something that may happen also in a 10-20 years window.

More and more people, from long time activists to regular people who were not paying too much attention or were sitting on the fence, are now showing grief, fear and even despair: the advantage I have to offer is that I went through this process years ago and as a result, I decided to become a Work that Reconnects facilitator.

I am also coming with a renewed inspiration to offer the Regenerative Livelihood support so many young people (and not so young) are expressing to need: how they escape the enslaving wheel of unsustainable jobs and turn their skills and gifts in service to the Great Turning instead?

I will be posting updates to register to the blended support program which will include group and 1-1 support, resources, exercises and practices and the option of meeting in person to design your livelihood as part of a collaborative support group.

If you have questions, I suggest to first check for answers through my website. If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact me through the “Let’s chat” form.



4 Comments on “I’m Back!

  1. Literally found your blog today and you said “June 8, 2019 I’m back”! More people with your skillsets and background will be needed! I feel I need this training myself to facilitate….I’ve been told I’m to teach but was not sure what it is I’m to teach….this maybe it!


    • Hi Lisa, yes, more people will be needed and each one will have a unique approach and skillset, so share what you know is true for you because many others need it!


  2. Good to hear from you Sylvia. Yes, to deep adaptation.I’m stepping up more, engaging for the upcoming federal election and the current rapidly accelerating climate emergency. Greta Thunberg has tweaked my conscience. Cheers, to your own good work towards the Great Turning.
    Peace, Bruce.


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