My Evolving Manifesto

This manifesto was inspired by Rosalind Reahed’s manifesto in response to the latest report by the IPCC.

Apart from the IPCC special report, I have many other reasons to write a manifesto:

  • Since 2011, I’ve taken a few courses about the science of climate change. All indicates it is happening, it is being caused by us, humans, and it will become really worse than it already is in the near future. I won’t be inundating nor arguing, nor trying to convince anyone here. There are plenty of books, studies, courses and information in all types of formats. Those who want to deny that s happening, that it is us, or that it is bad and will be really bad (actually, catastrophic) in the near future, I suggest you go read something else, not my blog.
  • More or less since the same year, I m aware of many other things happening that may or may not be directly related to climate change: waterways, land and air heavy pollution by plastic, dangerous chemicals and other matter that ends up either killing life or changing completely the landscapes and the functioning of organs and systems and depletion of all type of life and “resources” through indiscriminate and unsustainable exploitation, mining, extraction and abuse of forests, animals, soil, minerals, waterways, etc.
  • All my life, I have also been aware of the many social, economic and political injustices in the world as well as the damages of capitalism and patriarchy; lately, I have started to become more aware and educated about colonization and the many nuances of oppression and privilege or what is also called: intersectionality.
  • The same root of all the issues above had created an obsession with consumption, comfort, individual “freedom” and “human rights”  and an twisted relationship with everything and everyone where our own well-being, comfort and “rights”” come before anyone else’s, including our on children and the rest of nature.
  • Finally, I have started to see how the stories we tell ourselves and use to colonize the hearts and minds of everyone since they are born, have given birth to isolation and loneliness, depression and dysfunctional relationships, dynamics and addictions. We tend to think that we are “above” nature (and deep in our minds, above everyone else), that we have the right to use the planet as it was given to us to use and discard, that we can somewhat save ourselves and go somewhere else and not needing to face the mess we are crating here in this planet Earth.

To get out of this hole we have created, there may be many ways, none of them without some loses and pain, or at least some type of discomfort and giving up things we tend to think are our birth-rights (they are not).

This manifesto doesn’t mean I’m following myself. There are many things here I am still exploring and some I feel unable to do because of my own brainwashing or trauma, or because of real barriers imposed by the systems and structures around me. That doesn’t mean I’m not trying to find new ways: every single day I get to roadblocks both internal and external. And every single day, I try going over or around them, or even getting rid of them.

You will find the evolving manifesto here.



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