Be Part of the Solution! Train Yourself!

As many of you know, I left my FT (9-5) job and jumped into the “Gig Economy” to create something I’ve been researching, studying and prototyping for myself and others for years…

One of my contracts is with Gaia Education, an international institute located in UK who offers courses in all areas of sustainability (with an emphasis in regenerative, more than sustainable!)

I’m the eLearning assistant and consultant, and have the amazing opportunity to work on the courses from inside: I’m the behind the scenes who makes sure the courses read well, all the links and videos work and you have overall a good experience…but I’m also a graduate from their Design for Sustainability certificate program, and have been facilitating pieces of it at OUR Ecovillage EDE and presenting in small workshops…

They are now launching the Spanish version and I’m behind it as well (as my first language is Spanish!),

If you want to know more, read ahead, there are both a Spanish and English version for you to consider and share through your networks…we can do it!

Four Dimensions Mandala (c) Gaia Education

Spanish version:

¿Te preocupa el mundo y quieres ser parte de la solución?

¿Tienes una profesión o trabajo, pero deseas entender más sobre soluciones regenerativas en áreas que incluyen lo social, ecológico, económico y visión del mundo?

Gaia Education ofrece un certificado en diseño de sistemas integrados para la sostenibilidad con excelente salida en el mercado laboral progresivo y regenerativo que el mundo actual tanto necesita, o para la creación de miniempresas de corte ecológico y social que impulsen el gran cambio que necesitamos. ¡En español!

Puedes inscribirte en la certificación completa (un ano, cuatro módulos, ampliamente recomendado para aquellos que desean una formación sistémica); o en uno de los cursos individuales (social, ecológico, económico o visión del mundo).

¡inscripción del módulo social y del año completo está abierta hasta el domingo 28 de octubre!

¡Cupos limitados, comparte en tus redes sociales!


4D Framework (c) Gaia Education

Also in English!

Are you worried about the world and want to be part of the solution?

Do you have a profession or job, but do you want to understand more about regenerative solutions in areas that include the social, ecological, economic and world view?

Gaia Education offers a certificate in design of integrated systems for sustainability with excellent output in the progressive and regenerative labor market that the current world so much needs, or for the creation of ecologically and socially miniature companies that drive the big change we need.

You can sign up for the full certification (one year, four modules, widely recommended for those who want a systemic training); or in one of the individual courses (social, ecological, economic or world view).

Registration of the social module and the full year is open until Sunday, October 28!

Limited seats, share on your social networks!

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