Living and Loving the Gig Economy

For those who may be wondering about my changing status and all those “new jobs” I got recently (those of you connected to me via social media) : some of you may remember my presentation at the BCCDA Conference in 2017 about the “Gig Economy”, right? I was talking (and writing) about it before everyone else…because I had not only researched it, I had started to practice!

So now, instead of only one single “FT (9-5) job with benefits”, I have four contracts: one PT job using y skills as a CCDP, Life Coach and facilitator, two as eLearning consultant using my eLearning training and passion and one using my webmaster, editing, blogging and social media skills…the four “gigs” are also fully aligned with my values of social justice, diversity, anti-oppression, regenerative livelihoods and a sustainable world. They allow me to use a variety of skills and explore interest, work with international teams, use my two languages (Spanish and English), meet tons of interesting people and work from home (or an island!) most of the time…

Yes, we can create our own reality (with effort but also acknowledging the privilege we may have, the support from family, co-workers, friends and those who believe in us and an evolving/emerging new culture).

The gig economy has the potential to kill “jobs” and make people miserable by exploiting them. It also has the potential to free us from the story that we have only “one linear” career, A-to-Z, climbing the “ladder” by competing and burning out till we “retire”.

It presents a challenge for those who prefer routine and stability and may want to avoid change and risks. But also gives us freedom to focus on things that matter: family, friends, community, our inner landscape, our health, our homes and all who inhabit them, our changing and evolving interests and skills, our many gifts.

Yes, I write less and post less in social media. My three “remote” jobs already ask for a lot of screen, social media and writing/editing/designing time. But I also spend time meeting and working with amazing like-minded people, supporting causes and organizations I believe in and using my time more efficiently: I don’t need to just “show up”, I need to really produce! It’s exhausting? yes, it is. It is juggling balls into space? yes! Definitely! But is also a lot of fun! And inspiring, and ever interesting: I find myself reading and writing, discussing and researching things I care deeply about and also have enough time to spend with real people supporting them to navigate oppressive systems, empowering them through compassion, providing tools and resources and encouraging them to become self-reliant and inter-dependent in a good way…

Now, back to “work”…


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