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What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. We don’t know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that.”~           Dr David Suzuki geneticist, broadcaster    and international environmental advocate


I know how it is, because I’ve been down to that rabbit hole as well: so many things happening, so many challenges and threats, so much uncertainty about the future: where are we going? Are we even going to make it to 2,100 and beyond? Are we destroying the only planet we know? How will be the life and livelihood of our children and grandchildren? How will be their future ecologically, socially, economically, spiritually?

I haven’t stopped being concerned, but many years ago, I discover a path that gives me what Joanna Macy calls “active hope”, not the hope of thinking that “someone else” will take charge and magically solve the issues, nor the comfortable denial that nothing is really so bad and we will make it because we have always had found a way…

Permaculture and the many paths it has opened to me: ecopsychology and the practical side of it: ecotherapy, ecovillage design education and its fourth dimensions: ecological, social, economic and worldview, and so many others that have created such big earthquakes in my life and allowed me to meet incredibly beautiful people from all over the globe, learn things about myself I didn’t know and most importantly, inspire my children and my family to change their ways and find their own path in this..

I invite you to take the leap and join the revolution: even if you only use it to start a backyard food garden (and I promise that much more will happen in your life once you decide to dig into this), your actions will change the way you see the world, your life and community and even the future.

We already have 150+ students in this amazing experiment created by 40+ women around the world: women in permaculture who run farms, home businesses, editorials, write books, teach people, empower communities, coach, consult, etc.

If the journey of putting this program together wasn’t already amazing, I have been inspired beyond words by the stories and the learning path of the students: they are co-creating teaching materials and already applying permaculture in just a month into the program!

We have very young people along with 70+, we have all the genres represented and many ethnicities and spiritual backgrounds. People are using the course to design their social entrepreneurships, their livelihoods and lifestyles, to address social and environmental justice, to grow food and to re-design their footprints…

And we are accepting more students! The course can run at your own pace, you’ll have till March 2019 to finish. If you register using my link you’ll be working with me, we have a private network, a newsletter and will be meeting via Zoom to support each other. Those living in BC will also arrange to meet at each other’s community and may even work together in a project. If you live abroad or far, I invite you to ask a friend to enroll with you, or even a group, so you can be tutored by one of us and practice what you learn in circles and projects you create locally…what other PDC can offer all this for ~$600 bucks?

And…surprise, surprise! About a third (1/3) of our students are either permaculture teachers themselves or have taken permaculture certificates in the past but wanted a refresh and also to experience a PDC that stretches the edges of permaculture into the social, inner and justice landscapes…

We will have special offers every quarter, here is this one, valid ONLY for those registering May 1st:



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