A Birthday Wish and a Gift

DTJ-February-2018-240x300Dear readers, followers and friends,


Most of you know of my dream to become independent and start offering life/career transformational coaching (using ecopsychology as a base) and continuing with the permaculture & EDE consultations through the areas of community economic development & eco-entrepreneurship.

I have tried many avenues, and my own experience serves me to be more compassionate with all those who are still stuck in an unsustainable system…but my investment in time, training, connection and deep patient with the flow of Life are starting to deliver results:

I have been blessed with a short part-time contract as one of the Social Media & Communications coordinators for the amazing Work that Reconnects Network. This network, based on the work of more than 40 years of Joanna Macy, goes further to explore the “evolving edge” of analyzing and exploring ways to dismantle oppression and colonialism in activism and in particular, in the WTR itself.

Here is my birthday wish (my birthday is in about a week from now): My current job and its continuity (as well as the growing work of the WTR Network) depend on subscribers and supporters as well as those who decide to explore further, start or join a Hub in their communities and even become facilitators.

I encourage you to explore the attached newsletter and consider subscribing (it’s free! only once a month), those of you who may want to go a bit further, you can become a monthly donour, or donate one time.

I also invite you to share this newsletter and work with others who may be doing activism, concerned about the state of both the environment and social/political issues, stuck in grief or despair or not knowing what to do next…even if you are just curious!

Also, if you want to go even deeper, I truly encourage you to share with me, what would you like to see more of and less of in both the newsletter and the website or the different social media outlets connected to the WTR Network…all feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Thanks to all in advance!!!

Here is the link, enjoy!

February 20178 WTR Network Newsletter

And here is a gift from me to you:

“If we will have the wisdom to survive,
to stand like slow-growing trees
on a ruined place, renewing, enriching it,
if we make our seasons welcome here,
asking not too much of earth or heaven,
then a long time after we are dead
the lives our lives prepare will live
here, their houses strongly placed
upon the valley sides, fields and gardens
rich in the windows. The river will run
clear, as we will never know it,
and over it, birdsong like a canopy.

On the levels of the hills will be
green meadows, stock bells in noon shade.
On the steeps where greed and ignorance
cut down
the old forest, an old forest will stand,
its rich leaf-fall drifting its roots.

The veins of forgotten springs will have

Families will be singing in their fields.
In the voices they will hear a music
risen out of the ground. They will take
nothing from the ground they will not

whatever the grief at parting. Memory,
native to this valley, will spread over it
like a grove, and memory will grow
into a legend, legend into song, song
into sacrament. The abundance of this

the songs of its people and its birds,
will be health and wisdom and indwelling
light. This is no paradisal dream.
Its hardship is its possibilities.”

─Wendell Berry

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