Week 11: Re-uniting With Our Path

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along

~ Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi


It’s incredible how much we carry inside about what’s true to ourselves…and how much we can forget, let aside for too long, take a detour that may last forever and make choices harder than they should…

That’s what happened to me and what I think has happened to humanity as a whole: we decided to explore shiny roads, deluded by the fireworks we think we saw, or (for many others), the path was made narrower and unnecessarily difficult as a result of others choosing to follow the shiny but deluded roads…

Thankfully, the door was never closed: this amazing planet, this universe and Life, all have almost infinite patience with us and provide countless opportunities for us to stop, reflect and take a turn back to where we were supposed to walk. The Path is both unknown and well defined: defined by clear boundaries, the boundaries that indigenous peoples from all over the world have known very clearly (it was a matter of surviving for them first, then it was a matter of keeping things sacred as they were)…if you deviated The Path, you would certainly find yourself in a mess and would eventually perish. It was so clear, all the time, even for me in my small human-being limitations!

One day, when I can handle coming completely out of BAU (business as usual, “mainstream” life of paying mortgage and having a “regular” job and family life), I will write my memories: not because they would be of anyone’s interest, but for myself and my descendants…

There was a Path in front of me, and contrary to all what my Self would know, even at that tiny age, I decided to take the other one…

Dr. Gabor Mate says: “our minds shape the world but first, the world shapes our minds”…in the preview of “Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth” this concept is presented again, with a powerful twist, as Gabor Mate also suggests: once we understand, consciously, why we have made the choices we made, and react/respond the way we do, feeling what we feel, we will be able to start making decisions that will come from another source: not the wounded child we all carry inside, not the reactive one, but the conscious one we are beyond all the masks and archetypes…we can then start having compassion for those who abused or neglected us, for our ancestors and those who shaped our minds before we knew who we were, and the compassion may extend to ourselves, our choices and the many ways we have been accomplices of all this Big Hurt of the world and all our relatives and peoples…

Will Keeping writes in the “Principles of Spiritual Leadership” from the Pachamama Alliance Game Changer Intensive course I’m taking: “It means recognizing that I am the logger: when I write these principles of spiritual activism and publish them in this newsletter, I give the command to the logger to fell the trees, to produce the pulp, to produce this paper so that I can publish these spiritual principles about how best to save the trees. It is seeing the full circle of our interconnected complicity, and discovering all the problems of humanity in our own hearts and our own lives. We are not exempt and we are not different. The “them” that we speak of is also us.”…we are all in this together!

The Path, however, is persistent and patient, or at least that has been my life experience: no matter how much I fell and fail, it keeps coming back to me, knocking the door through sometimes visible, sometimes invisible and twisted messages: they come from people I know and people I just met, from music I hear, from images I see, from books I read, from opportunities I seek and some I don’t, and when this all fails and I stubbornly continue as a semi-zombie, it comes through strange and deeply moving dreams…

Now I can see clearly that all my perpetrators were looking for, was to heal their own wounds. They were looking for reconnection that was not available for themselves.

Wherever you are now, know that in my heart, I have forgiven you.

The only way to stop the harm of this world and the peoples from all species is to consciously and intentionally see through the pain and stop the hurt ourselves.

The only way to return to The Path is to consciously and intentionally leave the shiny and deluded road and, through the wild forest, find the Path again…

“Your heart sings like a kettle
And your words, they boil away like steam
And a lie burns long while the truth bites quick
A heart is built for both it seems

You are lonely as a church
Despite the queuing out your door
I am empty as a promise, no more

When the time comes
And rights have been read
I think of you often
But for once I meant what I said

I was salted by your hunger
Now you’ve gone and lost your appetite
And a little bird is every bit as handy in a fight
I am lonely as a memory
Despite the gathering ’round the fire
Aren’t you every bird on every wire?

When the time comes
And rights have been read
I think on you often
But for once I meant what I said
Here I stay, I, I lay me down
In a house by the Hill
I’m dug from the rubble, and cut from the kill
Here I stay, I, I lay me down
In a house by the Hill
I’m dug from the rubble, and cut from the kill
I’m dug from the rubble, and cut from the kill
I’m dug from the rubble, and cut from the kill”

~ Lisa Hannigan song: “Little Bird”

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