Drops from the Same Ocean

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”

~ Leonard Cohen “Anthem”

Sometimes life offers unexpected cracks through which we find things about ourselves and the world that we forgot…

My life choices have brought me to places, situations and beings that belong to a parallel world, way beyond what we call “mainstream”. While I move with easy between the two (worlds), I’ve carefully built a shell (shield?) to protect myself from being too vulnerable.

Sometimes we are more afraid of the light that comes through the crack than from the darkness where we have been hidden for so long…


Sometimes the doors between the worlds open and show you something you knew long time ago, something you thought you have forgotten or just dreamed about.

Then magic starts, and you find yourself in disbelief and amaze: is this really happening? The “real” world takes a second stage, behind and blurry, projects, schedules and contexts stop to matter.

It’s only you and this…emerging magic from this connection, this being. Coincidences transpire, language changes and in many ways, either reflects the new connection or disappears, transforms into another realm, no longer words, words take up another meaning and fly, short, as ending a sentence that started in the other being’s heart; past and future merge, yet you are more present than ever.

All answers appear at once, you know how it is: fever, shivering, the happiness of an ancient child who keeps its innocence, the fear of knowing this will dissolve, it can’t stay…

And then it ends. The doors close, and you’re left lost and broken with this longing inside. No longer interested in this Matrix world, at times crazy to find the key and grateful to have been shown that they are still out there, and you are not alone.

You just temporarily, like water, took the shape of this container…but the spills are eager to return to the ocean, and you just met another drop from that immensity, reminding you, once again, that the ocean is there.


Note: all pictures are from “Song of the Sea”

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