Invitation to a Study Circle

Climate change, social injustices, biodiversity loss, terrorism, war, inequality, oppression…the list can be overwhelming!

Are you concerned but don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated by the apathy and denial you see around? Maybe you feel you don’t have “activist heart” but still care?

Reconnecting to Life: Moving from apathy, despair, isolation and disempowerment to engaged activism and social-environmental change.

Join me to explore the challenges that prevent people from engaging in social and environmental change and discover tools to support them to feel empowered.



Why: I’ve seen and experienced burn out, being left out,  unseen and unheard. I’ve experienced challenges, from lack of time, skills or support to becoming detached, frustrated and lost. But I do care. A lot. And I want to see more inclusive, supportive and empowering options for real people and not only for “activists”. I want to stop the judging and discriminating. The issues listed above are  and will be impacting us all.

How: I’ll be “meeting” with each one of you 1-1 via email, phone, Zoom or Social Media to explore your interests and expectations. Once we identify a common thread, I’ll invite you to the circle. My goal is to “meet” with at least 3-5 different people from different backgrounds and experiences with activism.

When: the project needs to meet at least once before December 5, 2017. Whether we continue as a group and engage in something else will depend on your interest and commitment. No obligation after the first meeting.

Your commitment: the initial commitment is about 45 minutes talking, emailing or sharing a coffee with me. If you decide to go ahead, then we will all meet for at least 1.5 to 2 hours to brainstorm, decide and close with some ideas.

Who: I’m looking (preferably) to meet with people who live in BC (Canada), much better if you are from Surrey or Vancouver, but anyone else is welcome!

Some guidelines: deep listening, everyone speaks at least once. Respect and suspension of judgement. We’ll clarify any assumptions, bias or unchecked privileges from the beginning. Compassion and acceptance: the goal is to figure out as many tools and ideas as we can to support each other and other people to become more engage, even if that means a small change in their routines and behaviours.

My goal and bias:

I think people don’t engage for many complex reasons. Some are not aware of the complexity of the issues, some know or suspect and are so scared and overwhelmed that choose denial or numbness instead. Some have real challenges such as lacking the skills to access or work in groups, may have had traumatic experiences in the past with power, oppression, colonization or radicalism and self-righteousness. Others may have real challenges around time, energy, health, childcare, transportation, having to work two jobs or having issues at home that require their attention.

I want to understand what is like for regular people to live in this world, where is their level of concern, commitment and what challenges they experience.

My final goal is to create a Hub, a Support Group where people can come and learn the skills, get compassionate mentors and become empowered to mentor and support others. A place where we discuss resilience and sustainability with the eyes and hearts wide open. A place where nobody feels judged or discriminated because of how they live or how much they choose (or are realistically able to) engage.



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