New Food Sovereignty Series

New Food Sovereignty Series

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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Many of my readers know that one of my passions is food sovereignty.

I “meditate” in the kitchen. It is in my kitchen where I find peace of mind, regain strength to face life challenges and recharge after long hours of work and commute.

Everybody eats, so we all have that in common. Why not to use the kitchen to not only learn new and useful skills that would allow us to make healthier and more sustainable and resilient choices, but also to create community, have fun and solve world issues, one spoon at a time?

Reclaiming food sovereignty is one of the most empowering choices individuals, families and communities can do.

Since 2012, I have been offering and expanding my “food sovereignty” workshops and presenting in Home Economics Conferences, Food Banks, the now closed Homestead Junction and at the UBC-Farm.

Starting 2018, I will increase the type and topics in my workshops. You can contact me as a speaker, presenter (demos) or as a trainer for a full day or weekend of fun, healing, learning and sharing.

I offer my services to individuals, groups, schools, workplaces, conferences and retreats.

Contact me for quotes and details.

Here are some of the workshops being offered:

  • Introduction to Permaculture
  • Growing food in small spaces
  • Vermicomposting 101
  • Sustainable Food Choices on a Budget
  • Growing microgreens for home consumption
  • The Art of Fermentation – 101
  • Making and Using Homemade Fruit Vinegars
  • All about homemade Kombucha
  • Homemade cultured vegan cheeses
  • The Art of Pickling (beyond the cucumber)
  • Canning 101
My microgreens and part of my pantry

Workshops Descriptions:

Permaculture 101:

Learn how the sustainable systems design strategies and methods from permaculture can help you vision, plan, implement, assess and improve anything from your garden and food sovereignty to food and lifestyle choices.

A hands-on workshop for anyone interested in food gardening, food security, self-reliance, sustainable and resilient living.

Growing food in small spaces:

You don’t need to own a farm to grow at least some of the vegetables, herbs and fruits you and your family consume. With organic and real food so expensive and (many times) difficult to find, what you can do?

In this workshop, we will cover the many tricks and tips to grow food in the city and/or small spaces. We will use different approaches and ideas from how to “make” soil to grow food beyond the growing season…all in small and challenging spaces!

Vermicomposting 101:

Live in an apartment or townhouse or are renting a space but want to get great and real “homemade fertilizer” and solve the problem of food waste?

Learn the tricks and troubleshooting  for odorless, indoor and efficient composting with worms!

Sustainable Food Choices on a Budget:

Want to eat healthy and with the planet in mind but find food choices expensive or overwhelming? Learn the tricks and tips for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all.

In this workshop we will learn ways to get healthy, sustainable and whole food and how to create a pantry that feeds you for months without going broke

Growing microgreens for home consumption:

Microgreens are a great way to grow vegetables and herbs when space and weather are an issue. Microgreens grow fast and are delicious additions to salads, sandwiches, soups and sauces.

Learn how to go beyond “alfalfa” and enjoy a wide variety of nutritious truly “home-grown” veggies and herbs.

The Art of Fermentation – 101

Fermentation is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and its practice is well known in many diverse cultures around the world. From sauerkraut to kimchi, fermentation will open your mind (and your mouth!) to a new spectrum of flavours, smells and textures as well as the benefits of real and home-made probiotics.

Making and Using Homemade Fruit Vinegars

Do you know that you can make vinegar out of almost any fruit or vegetable? Why to pay $$$ for vinegar that has lost its probiotic properties to pasteurization and mass-production if you can make dozens of flavours at home?

In this workshop, you’ll learn not only how to make vinegar from scratch but also how to use it and its many benefits.

 All about homemade Kombucha:

Tired of spending $$$ in kombucha and other sparkly beverages? Want to learn a fun and cozy way to “meditate” while making your own beverages?

In this workshop, you not only will learn how to make kombucha base; you’ll learn how to flavour your kombucha and take it to the next level! From troubleshooting to how to care for your scoby, you’ll become a kombu-expert.

Participants will get a scoby to start their own cultures. Please bring a clean glass jar with lid.

Homemade cultured vegan cheeses

Vegan cheeses are not only for vegans: they are for anyone who is curious about other options and flavours and people with food allergies.

Cultured vegan cheeses are a delicious choice for when you cannot (or want not) eat dairy cheese, but don’t like the market options.

The Art of Pickling (beyond the cucumber)

Who says that pickling stops with cucumbers? Do you know you can pickle fruits and many vegetables?

Pickling is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and also one of the cheapest. Acidic environments increase and enrich food flavours and extend the life of a good harvest or seasonal bulk vegetables and fruits.

We will be pickling zucchinis and plums and learning many other recipes you can use through all year.

Safe and fun Canning 101

Learn how to preserve food using safe and proven methods. In this workshop, we will only cover the boiling method for canning acidic foods.

We will can a jam or a sauce (or both), depending on seasonal availability of veggies and fruits.

Silvia is a certified canning instructor and has years of experience using diverse food preserving methods.

Me teaching about soil at a community center

About Me:

Silvia is the owner and founder of Mainstream Permaculture, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals, families and communities around food sovereignty and sustainable life choices. Silvia is also an experienced certified life and career coach who uses permaculture, ecopsychology and systems theory to support people’s and communities’ resilience building.

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  1. Sounds like a great set of classes. Helping people taking control of their own food, and educating them so they can assist in bringing change on the national and international level.

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