The Call

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
~ Joseph Campbell

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
~ Joseph Campbell

If you are falling….dive.”
~ Joseph Campbell


It’s said each and all of us receive it: the call from the soul, the call to fulfill our destiny, whatever this is…

Other species don’t worry about this call: they know exactly what their place and function in each ecosystem is and they fulfill it. For humans is a bit more complex: we are a creative and conscious species and we have something other species don’t seem to have: options.

Options may give us a sense of freedom, but can also leave us lost and disconnected: where do we belong? What are our gifts to the world? Why do we lack joy and intimacy, peace and focus? What’s right and what’s wrong anyway?

We may experience grief for the world, for what we are not or for the life we don’t have. And then compensate this grief with all sort of self-sabotage behaviours, addictions and entertainment or “shoulds” and expectations.

Increasingly, the institutions that used to have an answer to the above questions are crumbling: people have become skeptical and challenging, overwhelmed with so many “choices” and diversity and exposed to so many lies.

We may then become miserable or just numb and therefore spread this misery and numbness onto others, sometimes without knowing we are doing so…

But deep inside, we know better: there is a longing, a deep desire to belong, to be and do what we suspect we are called to be and do: where is our “tribe”, what is our purpose, do we even have gifts?

People already acting on their calls may sound daunting to us: they seem to have been born with a script, or found out all the things early enough, they seem to be doing the “right” things and owing all the necessary toolkits for these things to happen, right?

Well…Not exactly!

What I call “the call” may come to people in different times. Some may be ready (i.e. having all the necessary “tools and resources” in place or strong enough to respond. Some of this is internal, but most of it is not: the call may be received very differently by someone who is the only breadwinner in a household full of dependents, disabled or chronically ill than by someone in full capacity and with some personal freedom…

What is this call and how does it show up?

It may come at any time, but it tends to use those moments when you have no choice but let a door open: it may be a life transition, something ending or something new starting in your life, a death or an illness, a loss or a change in your career, relationship or beliefs, a deep blow or even an exciting moment such as a wedding, a birth, a move or the visit of an old friend…

You may be in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s…or even in your deathbed, and it may not be the first and only call. Your soul will keep calling until you answer…for those who ignore the call, it may manifest later in different, sometimes not very pleasant ways: it may “create” a crisis in the shape of an illness, a loss, a depression, etc.

Some people receive this call through a trance state, a dream or a deeply disturbing and/or life-changing experience that may involve nature, archetypes or myths

How to recognize it:

It comes with fear, sometimes anxiety, sometimes as a shock but with a deep need to be heard and followed

It comes from deep inside and sometimes is difficult to explain in plain words

It may be associated with archetypes, imaginary or heralds: they are usually dark, strange and even frightening but also irresistibly fascinating…

It usually feels “profoundly familiar to the unconscious – though unknown, surprising and even frightening to the conscious personality” (Joseph Campbell)

It gives you a sense that a chapter of your life is suddenly over, whether you want it or not

If you are experiencing or have recently experienced this (and haven’t answered because of fear, anxiety, peer pressure or otherwise), a real friend or other real anchor in your life (an elder, a relative, a mentor) may be able to help. If you don’t have these anchors or have tried but feel stuck, you may benefit from life coaching sessions.

What do we do with the call in these sessions?

First, we acknowledge and test it: there are ways to know when this is a real soul call to find your gifts and go deeper and whether you are ready to answer it

We play with nature connection, shadow work and art, deep questioning and journaling to find the clues your soul is trying to share

Finally, I work on supporting you to find your tools and resources (inner and those out there) for you to safely navigate this transition

The call, when answered, will change your life

But not only yours: it will change the life of your loved ones and has the potential of changing the groups and communities you touch with your presence and work, not only the human ones but those more-than-human which include all other species and elements that share this world with us

If you haven’t experienced a call but feel that something is “lacking”, that there is a longing in your life that needs to be fulfilled, the the call is just around the corner

Drop me a line, consider becoming a patron

How your support will help:

I’m providing life coaching sessions to people who may not be able to afford it otherwise, With more support, I can reach more people

I would be able to provide workshops at low cost or no cost to groups and communities who may be in need of life coaching skills

I would be able to focus on researching and writing eBooks that can benefit more people

I would be able to develop low cost online workshops and support groups

It is my deep belief (and call) that by empowering and supporting people to wake up, re-connect and belong, the world will change, in Bill Plotkin’s words:

As soon as enough people in contemporary societies progress beyond adolescence, the entire consumer-driven economy and egocentric lifestyle will implode. The adolescent society is actually quite unstable due to its incongruence with the primary patterns of living systems. The industrial growth society is simply incompatible with collective human maturity. No true adult wants to be a consumer, worker bee, or tycoon, or a soldier in an imperial war, and none would go through these motions if there were other options at hand. The enlivened soul and wild nature are deadly to industrial growth economies – and vice versa.”
~ Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World

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