The Person You Will Become

Are you sitting on the fence about your life, your work, your business, your relationships or your role in this world?


Are you struggling with these type of questions?:

  • Which side looks greener? (yes, pun intended!)
  • What if I make a mistake and then regret it?
  • Both sides have pros and cons and none seems to pull stronger?
  • What if I fail and can’t pay my bills?
  • What if my decision makes my family miserable?
  • Is the indecision you are experiencing based on fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough/strong enough to keep up with what you are dreaming?
  • Is your indecision keeping you sitting on the fence because you don’t know what else you could do apart from what you are doing now?

Decision-making can be a very emotionally draining process. Today, more than ever, decisions not only affect us and our small circle of family and friends, but they may impact other people around the world, entire ecosystems and even the future of the planet and humankind!

When our decisions affect so much, it is natural to feel “stuck”.

I just attended a great webinar with the people from 8Shields, the title was: “Finding our gifts & living a meaningful life” with Sal Gencerelle and Jon Young. People were talking how they want to leave their jobs and embrace a more fulfilling and meaningful life, one that’s also aligned with social and environmental justice and sees us as part of the planet and not as its “owners” . They (including me) were talking about the many challenges we face: lack of community or family support, isolation, bills piling up, debt, no skills to do the next move, not knowing where to start, not knowing if they would be jumping in a pool with no water…

On the other side, the message was clear and loud: “this job is killing me”. The killing may be physical (lack of physical movement), spiritual (lack of meaning) or even existential ( a job against our values that’s making us agents of directly or indirectly killing the planet and all life in it).

Changing your career, leaving your current job or completely changing your lifestyle for something truly ethical and sustainable are big decisions and it is not surprising people feel stressed out and anxious about them. Even not making any decision is a decision in itself: you make a choice even if you don’t move!

What a huge responsibility…

And yet, what you decide defines you and those you have some influence over.

There are many strategies for decision-making, but in all the cases, one thing is certain: there is never guarantee that the choice will be “successful” , or that there will be no sacrifices and tough times with things like money and bills, other people’s acceptance and support, criticism and feelings of regret and/or isolation…

Here are some strategies to help you navigate this:

  • Awareness of what your call is
  • Mindfulness of your situation as well as that of the circles on which you have impact
  • Grounding & resilience building
  • Visioning
  • Assessing your current strengths and helps, challenges and risks as well as your capitals
  • Listening and observing others
  • Researching & Comparing
  • Taking care of yourself and those important to you
  • Courage to speak up and act on your call
  • Seeing beyond the Ego and the now
  • Looking & reaching for available support

I’ll be posting about these and other “strategies” in depth during the following weeks, for now, I want to leave you with which was for me the most powerful question of them all:

If I pursue my call, what kind of person will I become?

Or turning it around: “If I ignore my call, what kind of person will I become?

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  1. Muy bueno, Silvia. Coincido plenamente, sobre todo acerca de tener el coraje de preguntarse lo que uno quiere ser y tomar medidas para seguir ese camino.

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