Form Follows Energy

Feed what you want to grow, starve what you want to see fade” ~ Unknown



We are usually told the opposite: that “if” we have this or that (body, age, skill, the perfect partner, the perfect degree, job, car, house, tool, etc.), then we will be healthier, happier, more motivated, more involved, more satisfied, etc.

Our culture sees matter before energy: matter as a condition for energy to flow in the right direction:

“If I weren’t working full time, I could write that book”

“If I were single, I could radically change my life and fully live my values”

“If I had more energy, I could be more involved with my community”

“If I were debt free, I could start my own business”

“If I had the love and support of {insert your fantasy prince/princess here}, I would be happier and fulfilled”

And this can be a social/community issue too:

“If we had better political candidates, we would do better as a nation”

“If our leaders cared about {insert your issue here}, our world would be free of problems”

“If my team-mates were more open/concerned/smart/engaged, etc., our team would be doing amazing things”

You get the idea…

Believe me, I have been there, done that…still, I dwell on it many times a week, and the blaming and conditioning drains much more energy from me than what I would have to use if I focused on what I want to see more in my life…

The problem with this way to see things is that is passive and puts the locus of control “out there”: your life meaning, fulfillment, worth, health, wealth and happiness all are conditioned to things that (mostly) are beyond your control!

This is really disempowering…

There are cases where material conditions need to be met in order for a person to be minimally satisfied: this is the case of basic needs such as safety, shelter, food, water, air and so forth. For someone living in war, social or extreme poverty conditions material things are conditioning of their feeling safe and even of survival, so there is no discussion about that.

What interest me to explore in this post is a quote from Starhawk’s Earth Path’s book: “forms follow energy” (pg. 108):

“…form and matter follow the flow of energy. In our materialistic culture, we’ve given the message over and over that our energetic and emotional state is conditioned by what things we possess.”…Starhawk continues: “Magic teaches us to use our ‘will’ – our ability to consciously choose to act and direct our energies toward our intention.”

She says: “If we put our will, intention and energy into alignment, we can make changes in our material circumstances”

She doesn’t see this “magic” as wishful thinking: there is nothing really “magical” in this and it is not about “asking the Universe” or anything like that: it is about alignment of intention, thought, emotions and the way you use your energy and time: your efforts, what you do every day…

Sometimes that will require faith: we may not be able to fully anticipate how things will turn out or whether things will change in the way we want (and maybe they won’t). “But” – Starhawk continues – we will have changed, and be acting in closer alignment with what we truly value” (bold and italics are mine)

She shares the example of someone saying: “If I had a nice kitchen, I could stay home to cook and share more meals with my family”. What if, Starhawk says, you start spending more time in that kitchen as it is? Wouldn’t that allow you to really connect with it and probably improve its material flaws as you spend more time using it? The real need/want here is to spend more time with your family and share healthy, home-made meals. The secondary gain is that you will probably become healthier and calmer and will save money, money that you may be able to use to renew that kitchen…or not! But the real outcome is that you will do what you say will make you feel more fulfilled and happier: be with your family!

How many times we are stuck in situations that seem unsolvable because we are conditioning our change to “stuff” (matter)?

Starhawk suggests we meditate and find out what is sacred to us, what we really value, what we are really expecting to get behind that material “conditioning”. And instead of focusing on the material changes we want or think we need, we start acting “as if” we already have that changed.

In one sentence: observe where you are wasting your life energy and start putting it into what you want to grow…things (material or not) will start to change, you will change and something really “magical” may happen…

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

~ W.B. Yeats

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