Food Skills for Families and the Path Ahead


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
~ Hippocrates

This will be short: I’m exhausted! I just finished a four-day training to become certified to teach the “Food Skills for Families” from the Canadian Diabetes Association. Almost 3 hours (with the waiting periods between buses) each way, walking with a backpack and cooking all day long!

The FSF programs are an excellent way to change people’s attitudes towards food choices, food preparation and mindful eating. I loved that the dietician emphasized the “no judgement” approach: we offer people alternatives, we point out the facts, we make it fun and easy…14 of us learned, facilitated and cooked together around 20+ types of meals using reduced or no salt, sugar and fat, learned how to avoid food waste and enjoy delicious meals that are also healthy. The program included a supermarket tour to learn some tricks to save money, read (and understand) food labels and choices and look for alternatives and substitutes

I loved how nicely the program can be taught alongside a series of “Growing Food in the City” / “Food Preservation/Food Sovereignty” workshops so people have even more options to choose from. In March, I’ll start co-teaching the “Growing Food in the City” Certificate Program under Burnaby School District/Gaia College partnership and will also public a series of independent workshops I’m offering through the UBC-Farm, Homesteaders Junction and Sources South Surrey Food Bank

The training this week, along with the upcoming certification of Master Trainer which will allow me not only to teach this programs to families but also to future trainers, is helpful for my own health (which has been put into third place for a long time). The FSF CDA program has a series of curricula each one adapted to seniors, low-income, aboriginal or new immigrants) and now I can teach any one of them!

If you work for a community agency or group that has access to a commercial/authorized kitchen and are able to offer this to the groups mentioned above, check the FSF website and give them a call:

If you are interested in growing food in the city (now more important than ever in Canada due to the raising prices on vegetables and fruits), I encourage you to attend the info session (free) and explore taking the certificate I’ll be co-teaching: and check the info here: (Feb 16) or at the Burnaby CCE:

For all the other workshops, stay tuned! The Homesteaders Junction workshops can be seen here:

Have many, many things to share, from news on soil health to the year of pulses, to how to activate your own “Right Livelihood”, but my own personal plans are now taking priority and until I have a better idea of where life is taking me I may be a bit slow with postings…

Have all a great week ahead!


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