Food Emergency / Let’s Pick and Preserve!!!

20140804_130304It’s not news to anyone now that we are in a drought: since last year, Vancouver area and BC in general have experienced less rain and more heat. This has impacted ecosystems big deal and farmers are not excluded: those of us who grow food know how dependent we are on weather and rain patterns. The more we grow mono-crops, the more dependent we are. But with a drought like this, nobody is safe: not even permaculturists who are growing polycultures (poly-crops) , mulching and harvesting rain water: there is just no water to harvest!

I read an appalling article yesterday (Plants and animals are dying for a drink)about how the California drought (now in its fourth year) is affecting not only farmers and residents but wildlife of all kinds: millions of trees and plants are dying, entire subspecies are a high risk of extinction because they can’t find water or basic food and those at the top of the food chain (coyotes, bobcats, etc) are appearing in urban settings looking for food (and water)…animal centres are receiving more emaciated animals than ever  and crows are falling from the sky, unable to continue without water or food.

Here in BC, farmers are making a desperate call: come help to pick stuff from the fields…with so many going hungry and food prices soaring (BC imports up to 53% of the nuts, fruits and vegetables we consume from California!), we can’t allow food to rot on the fields.
Check this article making that call: Fraser Valley farmers forced to abandon ripe crops
Contact your local farmer, you may end up with a free box full of veggies and fruits, new friends and the opportunity to process and donate some of this food to those in need!
I’ll be busy on Saturday teaching about food fermentation (a great way to preserve tons of vegetables without the need of electricity or any other source of energy) and also teaching how to make home-made fruit vinegars with all those fruit peels and cores after you have canned or pickled them…but will go pick some fruits and veggies at local farms in Cloverdale area…
For more info on these workshops:

  • Food Fermentation: July 25
  • Pickling/Fermentation: August 22
  • Canning 101: August 29
  • More canning: September 12

All workshops will run at South Surrey Arts and Rec Centre from 10 am to 1 pm.

Cost: $20 per person/workshop

All supplies and resources included!

Registration is required:

Payment is done through Sources Women’s  Centre located at: 15318 20 Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 2A3. They are open M-F 9 am to 2:30 pm and you need to contact Lynn Sanderson or Wendy

They accept cash, cheque or credit card or you can pay over the phone. For phone payments please call 604-541-4822.(for any payments after July 17, they will need to contact Lynn Sanderson through general number: (604) 536-9611)

Or contact me directly at:

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