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Do you know that an average 30% of the food is thrown away, sometimes not even making it to supermarkets?

In Toronto (Canada) a single family household discards about 275 kilos of food every year!

Food waste is a huge problem for the environment (around 20% of Canada methane emissions come from food in the landfills)…but is also a gigantic ethical problem when (according to Food Banks Canada) close to 850,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks every month, and 36.4% of those helped are children and youth!

When food is wasted, we are also throwing away all the water, nutrients, energy and work put on producing those crops…with food prices expected to go up due to the California (and now the BC) droughts, preserving food is becoming a must.

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When you preserve food, your impact multiplies: it reduces waste and emissions, it reduces…

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