EP/DP Week…and Feta Cheese

Today starts “Emergency Preparedness Week…are you prepared? How to make it fun for your family and co-workers. Me? I recruited my entire household to make feta cheese…a family who cooks together is a resilient family

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May 3-9 is EP/DP Week in BC (Canada): Emergency/Disaster Preparedness week…

This is one of our three fire extinguishers - don't forget to check they are updated! This is one of our three fire extinguishers – don’t forget to check they are updated!

I’m not a fan of “weeks” or “days” because I think all should be prepared all the time, but let’s leverage on this and the fact that we had a huge earthquake just a few days ago in Nepal and take a few minutes per day this week to take inventory of where you stand:

Ask yourself, your family, friends, workplace colleagues and neighbours the following questions:

  • Are you aware and familiar with the types of hazards, risks and vulnerabilities in your household, workplace, children’s school and community?
  • Do you have a plan you have created and updated with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours?
  • Do you know who and what is more vulnerable in any of those cases (for example, are there…

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