Be the Change – Yes or No?

Today, the ballots were sent via email for us in Lower Mainland to vote in what is called the “Transportation and Transit Plebiscite”.

With so much misinformation out there, I really appreciate reading today’s Tyee’s article:

And…before you say something about bias, I truly encourage you to read the article…

Voting may be outdated and be considered a waste of time by some…but it is too easy (and too irresponsible) to criticize things from an armchair and not to vote. Voting at least tells those in power how we feel about something and many times it does count.

If you want to “punish” Translink CEO or their alleged corruption or ineptitude to manage funds, there are other ways…voting “no” only puts many projects in jeopardy: we need more safe sidewalks, bike lines and public transportation…and looking into it, 0.5% of increase may even slow down sales of unnecessary items…

If you are concerned about how much more money you’ll be paying, better ask yourself next time if you truly need the stuff you are buying…and if you are buying a flat screen TV for $1,000 and are angry because you have to pay $5 extra, well…

I rather have good sidewalks, bike lines and safe and reliable transportation!

(and before anybody says that Translink services suck, first go to any third world country, try to catch a bus, a train or a ferry there and then come back…

Some of the organizations backing the “Yes”:

David Suzuki ‘s Foundation:

BEST (Better Transit Transportation):

HUB – Your cycling connection:


Operation Red Nose:

Vancouver health officials:

BC Teacher’s Federation:

And 100 more…

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