Rainwater Garden Workshop – Come and Join Us!

Want to engage in something good for your community and household that also helps the planet?
Come and join us at the upcoming Village Surrey workshop and presentation, this time about Rainwater Gardens…is free! (and I’ll be there)

Mainstream Permaculture

Have you heard of rain gardens?

Rain gardens natural or dug shallow depressions designed to capture and soak up stormwater runoff from our roofs or other impervious areas around our homes, buildings, etc (like driveways, walkways, and even compacted lawn areas).

Currently, cities are paved: from roads to sidewalks. Homes tend to have lawns, which are not any good for water management. And rainwater? It just fall all over the place and has nowhere to go but running off (in the past, it was absorbed by the soil and used up or preserved in tree roots for later use and distribution)

With our climate changing, we will see more and more draughts during Lower Mainland summers and more erratic weather patterns.

Rain gardens can help us to manage these and other associated challenges as some of their benefits are:

  • Filter runoff pollution
  • Survive drought seasons
  • Reduce potential of home flooding

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