Free intro to Permaculture with DM/EP workshop!!!

From my “other blog” on Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness…for those interested in resilience, Permaculture and being prepared and safe!


You are invited!

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Most Emergency Preparedness workshops, blogs and websites focus on “stuff”: what you need to buy and accumulate to be “safe” and “survive” through disasters.

In many, you’ll find a lot of information about weapons and ammunition.

Not in this one.

With training and experience in Disaster Management, Emergency Preparation and First Aid but also Permaculture and with a background in Psychopedagogy and Social Work, my approach is a bit different: want to know what’s all about?

Join us at our next Open Source Permaculture session: you’ll learn about Permaculture, local currencies and…Disaster planning!

I promised I’ll be posting some of the activities and scenarios as well as the lists here when the workshop is done so everybody can explore what it takes to be truly “prepared”.

Once the cards decks and games are completed, I’ll be posting information about how to get them.

If your household or…

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