May You be a Candle in 2015

Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”
~ Anne Frank

Burning Candle  by SOMMAL Stock Photo - image ID: 10069033 from:
Burning Candle by SOMMAL Stock Photo – image ID: 10069033 from:

Another turn around the sun is coming to an end and the winter solstice (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) is rapidly approaching.

For us humans has always been like this: December 21, some hours more, some hours less it is both the shortest and longest day of the year: for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, this coming December will be the shortest day and longest night…days will be longer and longer right after that. For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the opposite.

In our short lives, (and even shorter compared humankind existence to the age of the Earth, compared to Life on earth and compared to the Universe) we know no different: things have been pretty stable and spring always followed winter…
The times ahead are going to be tough: we have social, political, financial and ecological challenges…we are going through the darkest nights but the darkest of them all has yet to come…and go.

We are all here for a finite time, and then, we return to where we came from…

In this time of the year and these times of all times, I invite you to celebrate and embrace life: because it is finite but sacred, because is amazingly surprising and mysterious, because it represents light and hope…

I have many roles and wear many hats: I am a career counsellor, a community worker, a Permaculture student-teacher, a volunteer team leader and trainer, a disaster management specialist, a mother, a friend, a woman…but none of that defines me: I am the sum of my actions, thoughts, feelings, relationships and dreams, I am, beyond all, a human being: deeply connected to the trees’ leaves that provide me with the oxygen I breath; I am also connected to the microorganisms of the soil that allow the plants I depend on to grow; I am connected to the fragile, yet miraculous balance of thousands of interrelated ecosystems that provide all what I need but also the limits of my possibilities…

I help people to define “their goals” and find jobs or start businesses so they can fed their families; I help people to navigate the roller-coaster of being an immigrant in a new country; I share people how they can prevent, mitigate or prepare for disasters and emergencies and I share my passion for simplicity, resilience building and Permaculture with those who want to know…

…but the questions and the “resolutions” for this coming New Year (2015) have nothing to do with what I (or any of you, for what matter) do…

I invite you to rethink and medicate of what you are and what’s your place in this web of life. Stop for a second whatever seems important for you at this point in life: travel in an imaginary spaceship and see the big picture; there you are: a small, finite singularity that came to be and travel through this life as the result of a succession of coincidences and decisions!

…we are not “looking for a job” but looking to contribute and do our best so our families and communities can thrive…

…we are not “settling in a new culture” but looking for our place in the world: and our place is not what makes us happier or more prosperous but wherever we can be a “candle in the dark”…

…we are not “preparing for emergencies” , we are building resilience and learning to accept life as it is…

…we are not “practicing Permaculture” but returning to the concept of living on a respectful and caring relationship with Earth and all its inhabitants…

As this year is coming to an end and a new one starts, I want to wish you all things that money can’t buy and nobody can give to (or take from) you:

Awareness of who you truly are and why you are here and the courage to act upon that knowledge
Compassion and true love to embrace and enrich all life, not stuff or status
The discovery of your inner strength to become resilient and use that marvelous force to live life to the fullest even through tough times and become the candle others need to rekindle their own light

I leave you with this beautiful post and allegory of what’s needed these coming years. It was written by an inspiring blogger who has been one of the blessings 2014 brought to my life:

Lighting a Candle for the Four Directions” by Carol A Hand

Candle Light by Antokr Stock Photo - image ID: 100165673 from:
Candle Light by Antokr Stock Photo – image ID: 100165673 from:

Carry a candle in the dark, be a candle in the dark, know that you’re a flame in the dark.” ~ Ivan Illich

2 Comments on “May You be a Candle in 2015

  1. Hi Ms. Silvia!

    I am interested in in the position Assistant Drafting Technician (3-month Temporary Assignment) at Port Coquitlam from the job posting sent in my email a few days ago. I’ve seen this posting since last month, and I thought this position might not been filled yet.

    Kindly find attached copy of my updated resume. Thank you.




    • Dennis,
      You can re-send your resume to my work address and I’ll contact the liason…today is our last day at work till Jan 5. 🙂


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