Upcoming Permaculture Teachers Training ~ Spring 2015

Have you taken your PDC and would like to teach a full PDC? Are you planning to get your Permaculture Diploma with mention in Education? Do you have lots of experience as Permaculture practitioner but want to improve your teaching skills for social and environmental change?

Come and join us for an inspiring and exiting, full packed week at the wonderful O.U.R. Ecovillage

Permaculture Spiral - Courtesy of Jude Hobbs
Permaculture Spiral – Courtesy of Jude Hobbs

The PPT is considered an advanced Permaculture course and a pre-requisite to for most Diplomas in Permaculture Education. You will not only learn about teaching strategies and theories: you’ll learn how to teach Permaculture by “living” Permaculture ethics and principles…you’ll meet and share with an incredible crowd of dedicated Permaculture practitioners who are working with communities and sharing the wisdom and active hope Permaculture represents…

When: March 29- April 4

Who: experienced Permaculture practitioner and instructor Jude Hobbs and…me! (yes, I’ll be Jude’s TA!)

For more information, check full description here: http://ourecovillage.org/events/2015-permaculture-teachers-training/

For registration or questions, contact me or Jude

Feel free to distribute among friends and people who may benefit from this training…

Me at my Permaculture Diploma porgram
Me at my Permaculture Diploma porgram
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