Phasing Out – Time to Change

Notice to all this blog followers,

This blog will soon be phased out. It started as an exercise to explore areas of my interest, including putting together practical tips to help my “clients” and those looking for career guidance and either a job or creating their own business.

Those of you who read it from the very beginning may be familiar with my journey through Permaculture and how it has impacted and is still impacting all the aspects of my life…

I wear many hats (friend, mother, partner, career counsellor, facilitator, community worker, volunteer, freelance writer, transitioner, permaculturist, etc) and have continued working full time while branching out to many emerging projects and potential livelihood. Part of that process has included me deciding to abandon formal education and embracing a sort of eclectic mix of formal and informal, most self-managed short-term learning experiences.

Time and energy have both been limited and I have reached a place where I am asking myself what is worth putting my effort in and what is not. I am now in that age where the years left to live are probably less than the years I’ve lived, so I want to invest them wisely.

Writing, for me, is a pleasure and has become a necessity: a way to express my feelings and thoughts about a topic, while the reflection allows me to connect with the topic in different ways.

However, I am very aware of the trap social media presents to all of us: if we are not vigilant, we may end up navel gazing and not really “acting” on the things we really care about.

After some navel gazing myself 😉 I have decided to slowly change the behaviours I need to change in order to be at the place I want to be. This has been greatly influenced by an online course I’m currently taking on “Exploring your function and finding your niche(s) in Permaculture

The blog, therefore, may be split into different blogs covering “my niches” and will be organized in a way that could potentially help others to navigate their own behavioural changes towards a more honest, sustainable and resilient life.

Honest feedback, constructive criticism and sharing of your own experiences and tips are highly encouraged.

3 Comments on “Phasing Out – Time to Change

    • Hi Claudia, I’m not going anywhere…but with my work contract ending by the beginning of next year I’m branching out to see what my next step should be…I’ve been volunteering at various projects and causes and also have the blog, so I’m taking some time to figure out what will stay and what will go…the topics I manage best are Career Planning, Curriculum Development/Teaching/Social Media/Research but my interests lie in other areas as well, such as Permaculture, Emergency Preparedness, Food Sovereignty, Community work and so on and those are the ones I want to develop further. When I help people to figure out what to do for a living and help them to create a new business or find a job, sometimes the outcome is something that goes against my values, but my professionalism doesn’t allow me to interfere with that: I’m still helping a person. The thing is: I may not want to help people to just “get a job” or “create a business” but to help them to find a job/business that doesn’t destroy the planet and the livelihood of many, makes them feel fulfilled beyond the money they make (or the survival) and supports the resilience of the community…


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