Community Food Mapping!!! (Whalley and Newton Locations)

Community Food Mapping!!! (Whalley and Newton Locations).

I Developed the curricula and materials of these upcoming community workshops and I’m running the workshops starting this Saturday, April 12.

Community Food Mapping is Permaculture-based, non-oppressive approach to exploring the issues around food in our communities.

With Climate Change already affecting many communities and the places where most food is grown…and with peak everything (not just fossil fuels) affecting our ability to produce and deliver food…but even most importantly: with industrial food being produced, delivered, used and wasted unsustainably, we have the responssibility of starting to think proactively how we are going to feed our communities, our families and ourselves…

Workshop 1 is exploration (observe and interact: sector analysis, what do we have? what are the challenges and the assets? and workshop 2 is our design: dreaming together, or “what is possible?”

As Lao Tzu quote says:

“Go to the People.
Live among them,
Love them,
Learn from them.
Start from where they are,
Work with them,
Build on what they have.”

Learn. Digest. Experiment. Take Action. Change. Live. Share!

via Community Food Mapping!!! (Whalley and Newton Locations).

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