Free Introduction to Permaculture and PDC following

Free Introduction to Permaculture : Delvin and Kym Chi April 12, 11 am – 5:30 pm : Langara College, Vancouver
Come meet both the facilitators of the upcoming Langara Permaculture Design Certificate : Delvin and Kym Chi. They will facilitate a creative and engaging day exploring permaculture ethics, principles and foundational concepts. We will adventure by skytrain to a community garden, share a potluck lunch, watch permaculture movies and learn interactively with group games and activities.
We are happy that our upcoming Langara course has been given another chance to run, and the beginning date has been pushed forward. The Permaculture Design Certificate Course now starts April 26 The course is flexible and missed classes can be done at no extra cost with Delvin’s other classes and there is no time limit to complete the certification. We also have another free intro to permaculture day at Langara on April 12. 
Langara Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Connect with others who want to become more conscious global citizens, deepen their understanding of how nature is designed, and learn how to become more empowered designers. Together we will learn how to map and design our homes, communities and lives, plan for emergency, grow more of our own food in all four seasons and work to build a regenerative future. The certification granted upon completion of the course will empower participants as permaculture designers, consultants and beginner teachers, able to use the word permaculture legally in their practice, business or project. This sustainability education eco-training certificate is a practical path for greening your life, resume and portfolio. Graduates can choose between internationally recognized certificates from Permaculture Research Institute Australia or Permaculture Institutes USA.
The course offers a unique perspective on nature’s design system through a well designed  curriculum that includes short lectures from the original permaculture lineage in combination with inspiring site tours and dynamic integrative games based on the 14 chapter curriculum.  field trips include visits to  farms, forests, gardens and parks like Means of Production Garden, Loutet Farm, Strathcona/Cottonwood Gardens, City Farmer, Kits Community Gardens, Brewery Creek Community Garden and numerous other locations.
This low cost, 9 month, weekend urban model offers accessibility and ease, running over 14 days and saving time and energy in travel and missed work. It is very flexible for busy lives and organized modularly. There is no time limit to complete the course and if you miss any classes you can do them in the future with other Gaiacraft permaculture design courses at no extra cost.
Delvin and Kym are a diverse and creative male/ female teaching team offering many perspectives on Permaculture design.
Course Topics include :
design methods * patterns * soils and composting * water * trees * animals * design for cool , tropical and arid climates * social permaculture * native food and medicine plants of the Coastal First Peoples and much much more. We have worksheets, permaculture design gaming tools, an online social networking and educational support platform, as well as hundreds of gardens as our living classrooms.
We will have large focus on cool climate, urban and suburban design, with a well rounded information base also touching on design for rural areas and on other climates.
*learn natures language *become and empowered solutionary *engage with your community *familiarize yourself with Vancouver’s most inspiring places *meet other like minded people.
april 26 Pretro
may 24 & 25 Intro and Design Methods
jun 28 Soil
jul 26 Water
aug 23 & 24 Trees and Animals 
sept 13 Climate
sept 27 & 28 Cool Climate and Tropical Design
oct 25 Dryland Design
nov 22 Integral Permaculture
nov 23 Social Permaculture
dec 6 Graduation
We still have spaces available and you must register to ensure your spot.  Please contact Langara to register today!
email  for details or questions.
Facilitator Delvin Solkinson has done a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree in Permaculture Education with Bill Mollison and done advanced trainings with David Holmgren, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Michael Becker, Robin Clayfield, Geoff Lawton, Larry Santoyo, Scott Pittman and Rosemary Morrow. After taking a PDC with Toby Hemenway and completed a second Diploma through Permaculture Institute USA, he is currently doing a PHD. Delvin is an accredited teacher through PRI and PI USA. His passion is making free, open source learning and teaching tools for permaculture which are used in design games and activities in the course.
Facilitator Kym Chi is a passionate, creative and dedicated educator, inspired by nature, art and self empowerment. Kym has completed a PDC through Verge in Alberta and Gaiacraft in New York and is currently doing a Diploma in Education through the Permaculture Institute USA. Kym offers Permaculture design and consultation and education including intro and design courses. Kym’s mission is to spread Permaculture through creative education, ecological design, regenerative creation and holistic healing. She also makes free, open source learning and teaching tools for permaculture that will enhance the course experience and transform lectures into games.
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