Putting the House in Order – to all this blog followers

A Message to all visiting or following this blog:

I started this blog as an “assignment” from my PIDP program at VCC about a year ago. I had played with blogs before and had experience writing articles, but never become “serious” until now.

At that time, I created four different blogs with the idea in mind of dedicating each to a different “topic” but they took a life of their own and some withered while this one became “the one”. However, not all the readers are interested in all the topics…

The decision was made then, that starting this month, the blog will be organized differently, with links to the other blogs for those interested in those topics.

I will include links to blogs I contribute or administer, in case you are also interested in them.

Here is a list of my blogs; those of you who have become “followers” in the past may choose to “un-follow” this (my main blog) and follow other blogs depending on your interests. My postings will be moved to the right blog:

1. Silvia Di Blasio ePortfolio: https://silviadiblasio.wordpress.com/ This is my main blog and connects to all the rest. Here, you will see blog-posts about what I do for a living and as part of my community involvement/volunteering. The posts will be organized around the following topics:

  • The Right Livelihood:  Career planning and job search for a sustainable and resilient world
  • Elephant in the Room Series: posts about the challenges affecting job seekers, vulnerable communities and newcomers to Canada (this is also part of an upcoming series that will be published by the Canadian Immigrant Magazine, both in print and online)
  • Blessed Unrest: taking the name from a book with the same name, I will post about my findings around the Green, New, Steady and Sharing Economies that are slowly but surely emerging and their opportunities and challenges

2. Live As If Others Matter: http://liveasifothersmatter.wordpress.com/ This is a blog that is close to my heart and how I want to live as a person. It summarizes my own “right livelihood” and what I do as a community volunteer for many grassroots groups:

  • Sustainable Living: you may find articles and posts about challenges and opportunities around becoming a more “sustainable” community, family, individual, etc and the impact this may have in your career and life choices
  • Permaculture: here you may find reports  about my PDC courses and projects and links to resources if you are interested in this topic
  • Energy Descend Action Plan: this is the main goal of any Transition group. I will post here topics related to why and how we can switch from unsustainable practices to something that may look more like the future we desperately need if we want to survive as a specie
  • Food Security: here you can find information about my projects related to food security in my community as well as other related topics that are of global interest
  • Emergency Preparedness and long-term visioning/planning: as I am also involved in this as a trainer, you can expect having a few posts about this here too.
  • Surrey and Beyond: here I will post general issues that are affecting the place where I have chosen to live for now, from coal and pipeline expansion to ALR issues…

3. Lifelong Learning and Education: http://longlifelearningpidp.wordpress.com/ This was the “original” blog I created for my PIDP at VCC. It may be the one I dedicate the less (for now), but you can find posts and articles about:

  • Homeschooling
  • Adult Education Trends
  • My views on both Adult and Children Education
  • Learning Tips

4. The Invisible Cat’s Corner: http://silviaticscorner.wordpress.com/

This is a more “personal” blog and does not connect to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, so you won’t see the posts unless you subscribe to it. The topics you may see here may be related to the topics above but at a more “personal” level. I may convert this blog to a “private” one where only family and close friends can subscribe if they want so.

Note: these changes will take time and you may see some big changes happening in both layout and the way things are organized, please bear with me.



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