Taking Transition Training

I’m excited! Two things are happening this week…

  1. Part of our VS group is going to the free intro to Permaculture and demonstration site tomorrow. I’ve prepared a delicious (I hope) quinoa salad , two quiches and will bring some apples to share at the potluck. We’ll be taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale in the Sunshine Coast, rain or shine! Waking up early and backpacking, as when I was a 16-year-old scout! I promise I’ll blog later about the experience…(under Permaculture)
  2. I’m starting a Transition Training from Transition Network in partnership with Gaia University. I have already registered and started reading the materials and I love it! They talk about un-learning and self-foraging, as a fan of self-directed and transformative learning, I love those concepts! I’ll surely be blogging about my experience and my hope is that this training helps me to be a better person and member of our still young transition group.

Can’t believe they also have a diploma in “Action for Resilience”  and another in Permaculture

Life is good…

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