Vote for the Project to Make Surrey Resilient and Sustainable!!!

Surrey Stronger Communities is part of Village Surrey in Transition initiative.

The aim behind SSC is to develop and deliver workshops (free or by donation) around all Surrey, BC communities/neighbourhoods presenting the following topics: “Mapping your neighbourhood”, “Creating Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Teams”, “Growing and preserving food together”, “Eating healthy in a budget” ,”‘Sharing resources through local libraries” and “developing energy descent action plans for your neighbourhood”

The workshops may be combined with study/work/action groups create by residents of each individual community who may follow up on the ideas from the workshops (i.e. create a “neighbourhood emergency response team” that can actually plan, prepare and respond in the event of major emergencies affecting the area where authorities and service providers may not be able to reach on time, or they may apply for an start running a community garden, community kitchen, etc.)

Vote for me starting Monday, september 30 and everyday after that!!!

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