The Journey is the Destination

Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.”
~ Walt Whitman

The backpack is ready…all the dots are connecting. From those camps I went with my mother when I was a girl, to the many times I camped out as a very young woman. All the things I learned when I was 16 are coming back, all the dreams I dreamt at 14 are here again. Sleeping bag again, the smell of a campfire, the connection with the Earth…Oh Nature under the stars!

How hard to realize that every camp of men or beast has this glorious starry firmament for a roof!  In such places standing alone on the mountain-top it is easy to realize that whatever special nests we make – leaves and moss like the marmots and birds, or tents or piled stone – we all dwell in a house of one room – the world with the firmament for its roof – and are sailing the celestial spaces without leaving any track”.  ~John Muir

Tomorrow, I’ll visit O.U.R. Ecovillage   and will start exploring Permaculture from one of the places that walks the talk. I’ll be joining a gathering to discuss food security and what’s being done in BC.

and I shall watch the ferry boats, and they’ll get high, on a bluer ocean against tomorrow’s sky. and i will never grow so old again, and i will walk and talk, in gardens all wet with rain…”
~ Van Morrison

Can’t sleep…water, islands, lakes, Nature!!!

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