Are you Prepared? EP Week May 5-11

Emergency Preparedness is one of my strengths and areas of interest. I used to be a scout back in my teens and twenties, when scouts were real scouts J

As part of a troop and later as a scout leader, I went (and organized) may camping outs. As part of our social service in Venezuela, we used to deliver emergency preparedness workshops and help vulnerable communities to be prepared. Venezuelan responders are not as efficient as in Canada due to budget constraints, and people are left to their means most of the time.

In Canada I tended to relax a bit, but almost four years ago all that changed again. I started volunteering at programs to respond as Emergency Social Services and to deliver workshops to newcomers so they can be prepared.

At home we have emergency kits in every floor and one for the family car. I have non-perishable food in the pantry and water bottles in every room. I sleep with a pair of old shoes under my bed (good to have handy in case of earthquakes) and also have a pair of working gloves (during earthquakes, glass can be a problem, so the gloves protect your hands from them when wondering around the house). This week, I have also prepared signs to put on the door in case something happens (an “OK” sign indicates we are OK, a “Help” means we need help, a sign that mentions where we went in case we have to evacuate and no sign means we may not be at home…or may be in deep trouble!).

Other things I have done for EP are:

Taken a First Aid and CPR course (currently training to become a trainer myself).

Accepted to become a First Respondent at work, to be able to help my co-workers and clients in case something happens.

Shared the tips I learned with my husband and children.

Re-visited the risks and hazards in my home, work and community (loose furniture, dangerous ways to do certain routines, areas no well maintained, etc. and also the potential risks: earthquake, food shortages, fires, etc.)

Reviewed and re-organized the EP kits.

Started “Grab-and-Go” Kits.

Shared EP tips and links with clients, colleagues and friends.

What have you done? It is never late to start!


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